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Clear Plastic Jars w/ Lined Caps
I love this socks, they have the perfect fit, the colors are very cool and seem durable.
This purse isnt for you if you carry a lot of junk on you, a giant wallet or a big purse, this is for minimal/immediate object uses.

However, this bag was exactly what I have been looking for! It is the perfect size for a quick trip or for when youre out all day and dont want to carry your phone, keys, essentials etc. Personally it has plenty of space for many things.

This bag to me, is beautifully made while looking exactly like the picture. For $16 I cant complain. It came early in perfect condition brand new.

My biggest concern was the strap being too short. I am almost 58 and the purse sits well on my hip which is not a problem for me. Super cute!
Fit good took away glare and also diminished mist when highway driving in the rain even in daytime
After two returns, I believe we hit the gold mine "the right feel and size"
Great shirt, they do run a bit big, but are comfortable and keep the sun off.
Good for the price. I also bought the polarized ones but the lens started flaking off after a few months.
My husband liked these. Good pocket size that have a strong velcro closure for the cargo pockets.
Super comfortable and breathable. I love these. I've replaced all of my boxers with these. They are the best. For working out, every day wear, and in my Air Force ABUs.
Great for my thin spot on top.
Not impressed
Good buy
These fit perfectly! Will order more!
This wallet feels great. I'm loving the extra pockets. The only downfall is the card pockets are a little tight and it's difficult to get the cards out of the middle and back slots. I'm hoping with time it will stretch out a little.
This made a great warm gift. Can't go wrong with a Carhart
Came little wrinkled, but for that price i can do some ironing. Beautiful vibrant colors.
I love this wallet. I am bought green because I love colorful collection. And I did not get disappointed. Smells good and great quality.
My huawie pro20 fits inside the pocket perfectly so I don't need to worry about bringing my bag whenever I am going out for dinner. Since there are 2 pocket in the wallet, I can use the other pocket for my lipstick and powder for retouching. It serves all the purpose I intend to use it with. Thanks Itslife. cheers!
Its perfect size, nice fabric and my husband absolutely loves it
Fits well. Came with case and microfiber cloth. You can never have too many microfiber cloths
They look more like shorts then boxers
I love this backpack! Its so spacious, and it looks great.
I like the design and color but they needed to add a little more stiffener type fabric across the front and sides like the old Army Patrol Cap ..... still, it's not bad.
Great sock
Lens dont hold up to anything, would expect better
Comfortable fits well.
Love the colour! Holds all my cards with space for more and is still slim!
Perfect size - love the flip out for driver's license, etc.
After purchasing several different brands and sizes, these Gildan shirts are very close to the fit of my favorite Hugo Boss undershirts, but at a fraction of the price.
The one and only gripe I have with these is that the crotch hangs down fairly low, so if you wear tight trousers, I wouldn't advise them. However, if you're looking for loose and comfortable, these are unbeatable.
Very comfortable underwear!!