horseshoe design boxLiquid Suede Dye will color, restore, and dress all nappy and suede
leathers.  Nappy leather and suede should be brushed to restore the nap
after dyeing.  Many colors of suede will work well on smooth leathers but
NOT the reverse.  Do not use #500 on suede.  It may ruin the nap.

Colors - Black, Lt. Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Navy, Neutral, Tan, Rust,
Chamois, Beige, Green, Kelly Green, Blue, Lt Blue, Lilac, Purple, Red, Dark
Red, Wine tone, Pink, Lt Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, & Yellow

***Quarts and Gallons have an additional up charge for shipping.
A Separate up-charge for shipping & may drop ship to your
You will receive a final invoice charge in addition to online billing
horseshoe design box       $4.00 3oz  - $13.00 PINTS - $20.00 QUARTS - $70.00 GALLONS
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
Angelus Suede Dye Group Shot 3oz
horseshoe design box
Biege Dye Bottle Sizes
Black Dye Bottle Sizes
Blue Dye Bottle Sizes
Brown Dye Bottle Sizes
BURGUNDY Dye Bottle Sizes
CHAMOIS Dye Bottle Sizes
DARK BROWN Dye Bottle Sizes
DARK GREY Dye Bottle Sizes
DARK RED Dye Bottle Sizes
GREEN Dye Bottle Sizes
Grey Dye Bottle Sizes
KELLY GREEN Dye Bottle Sizes
LIGHT BLUE Dye Bottle Sizes
LIGHT BROWN Dye Bottle Sizes
LIGHT GREY Dye Bottle Sizes
LILAC Dye Bottle Sizes
NAVY BLUE Dye Bottle Sizes
NEUTRALDye Bottle Sizes
PINK Dye Bottle Sizes
PURPLE Dye Bottle Sizes
RED Dye Bottle Sizes
RUST Dye Bottle Sizes
TAN Dye Bottle Sizes
WINETONE Dye Bottle Sizes
YELLOW Dye Bottle Sizes

horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
horseshoe design box
Jacquard 5 pack plastic droppers
Great for easy measuring and color mixing
horseshoe design box
Resists are used in Serti style silk painting to create barriers that
silk colors or Dye-Na Flowcannot cross. Serti means to encircle
or encloseand this technique allows silk painters to achieve
stained window effect. Apply using a brush screen or stamp.
The resist can be removed with mild soap and warm water.
thus revealing the white or orginal color underneath
horseshoe design box
Create your own paint marker with these high quality refillable
marker bodies. Angelus Paint Markers come empty, ready to be
filled with your color choice of Angelus Acrylic Paint mixed
with Angelus 2-Thin (1:1 ratio). These markers feature a pump
action valve which allows you to control the flow of the paint.

Most colors will require adjusting with 2-thin in order to flow
right. General rule is if it is thick like milk it will need thinning
down. Does not work with metallics or neons.
The replaceable tip is also reversible.  One end features a
chiseled tip, great for creating shapes and lines. While the
other end features a rounded tip, perfect for small details or
line work.
Note: These Empty Markers also work well with Angelus Dyes.
horseshoe design box
When you want to make your own cement print on your custom
Jordans, pick up our Dye Pen Applicators. Use Angelus Brand
Dye's to saturate the felt and you have yourself a dye pen. This
is perfect when fine details are needed, such as the cement
look people are always going for without having to worry about
using paint. Just go straight over with this softly.

Dye pen comes with instructions on how to fill and use.

Remember: Will NOT work with Angelus Paint!
horseshoe design box
Mink oil has been used for years by many industries to
condition and protect their leather. Helps prevent stains and
extend the life of your leather.
refillable paint makers
Paint Markers
These glasses did not work for me. I purchased them to help with night driving. They did not reduce any glare from headlight. Instead of a more blue hue to the lights it just made everything yellow but they were just as blinding. I will be returning.
just as described
The fit is exactly as advertised
Perfect size for everyday use. Great price point.
Purchased for my sister. Shes happy
My husband loves it! He is 57 about 185 and he said the large fit perfect even if he wants to layer. He did say the hood is a bit big.
Im in the with the pockets. Fits phone perfectly
Opening is small and received a bag different than advertised. There was no logo on side. Side pockets were a joke and cant fit 3 fingers. And the khaki color was awful. Looks cute in photos but absolutely hated in person.

Quality is made well and zippers were good and no undone stitching.
I love this bag. My only complaint is the fake leather shows nicks in it if it gets attacked by your cats teeth. If you don't have a cat then cheers. But seriously, I love the style. But real leather might hold up a bit better under pressure.
Very nice looking wallet, durable and plenty of space for your items.
The quality is very good. Wasn't sure about the color, but I like it
Love the bag...use it everyday. Spacious and holds everything I need easily. The only minor issue was initial smell of the leather was a bit much, but after leaving it in the garage hanging for two days, the smell went away. The zippered pouch can also be an challenging when putting things in the bag as it does not stay up.
They fit great, look great, and work great!
I am a Lyft/Uber driver and eye strain is an ongoing issue. These lenses have helped tremendously. During the day, the blue lenses dampen the bright sun and allow me to focus where I need to instead of trying to adjust the visor. At night I switch over to the yellow lenses which reduce glare from other cars, street lamps, downtown lights, etc. They are also great for working on your computer. I took one star away because there is a bit of getting used to seeing the connectors in the corner of your vision. Not the manufacturer's fault however. They attach easily and securely.
Not true to size runs very small.
love it :)
My husband is very happy with these. They are high quality and fit well.
Excellent Quality, recommend!
Colors and quality are great
Excelente cierre
I thought the grams were different than the pictures and was WAS a little disappointed As I own several different pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses and just can't to find myself in any other brand (quality)of sun glasses back to these new green tinted works of art feeling a little disappointed thinking I be sending them back for a different style I placed them on my head and WOW my world changed I've never jumped to such a state of Joy that high from a state of feeling so low THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT. Oh did I mention at that moment I had (have) two broken arms and left ankle broken and right leg with a huge skin graft my entire calf gone and getting an infection but man was am I happy to see the world in a much better ....... Lost for words see ing it in all its Glory thanks to you all at Maui Jim and thanks for showing up at work for me LOL OH and the style and fit ? perfection perfect bravo if u spend time in the sun you neeeed need to get some me I am a professional driver so I get the Best and again I am impressed
I like buying things that are made in the USA. I was looking for new pair of sunglasses with glass lenses and have been eyeing ones made by Randolph Engineering, but didn't really want to spend that much. When I found out about these I bought them and have been very happy with them. They feel well made and they're comfortable. Not much else to really say about them. Randolph may have slightly better quality, but if you're looking for this style of glasses, you'll probably be very happy with these.
I loved the product, I happen to have bigger glass and so it wouldn't fit over my eyeglasses (I have prisms and bifocals)
but they cover the side so to protect your eyes and such. They wrap to the side and top so sun only coems in from the front
A great way to protect your overpriced, but must have Oakley Sunglasses. I have had this case for over 6 months and it is not showing any signs of wear.
Great value! Price is great for 5 quality shirts! Perfect for my man!
Nice glasses! Fits very well!
Gift for my great niece who loves Peppa Pig. I hope it works and holds up well, I can't say for now it's a Christmas gift. But it's darling and I know she'll like it.
Husband loves these for work because they stay tucked in. Theyre soft! I love to sleep in them because theyre so soft!
Fits wonderful on my Pops. This is his first day in them so not sure if they work well or not but the smile on his face was worth the money.