All work above done by King Kang for
Custom Services

- We DO NOT usually WORK ON USED OR OLD Sneakers -When you work on old
or used sneakers paint does not properly stick and will just  crack or flake off over
time. You run the risk of the paint not sticking correctly to all the dirty or soiled parts.

- Customers usually provide the sneakers / or have them shipped directly from
retailer. We do offer the servce to purchase or locate the sneakers for you. You may
use the prepay options below for the base sneaker.

-Any color flipping on dark or black requires us to spray white then the color.
Please remember this will make that area very stiff.

- Sole Painting Is not a permanent process and will crack or wear away upon impact
with cement or rough surface. Sole shields are avaliable upon request.

- Customer  must provide sneakers and mail them in to our address.
- We are in Los Angeles but do not have a Retail Location All sneakers must be          
- Mailed in

2-3 weeks business days is our Standard time window.
But please confirm if you need it by a special date.
Sometimes are work loads can be high.
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Mock up and designs
King Kang is a Los Angeles born and based artist/designer and
founder of King of Sneakers Custom Footwear . King Kang has
merged fine art and hip hop culture into her one of a kind custom
painted sneakers. Her 20years plus customizing in the sneaker
culture has made her one of the most recognized creators . With
Millions of view on YouTube and large social media following King
Kang has pushed Sneaker Customizing to new levels. Her passion for
hip-hop, fashion and art developed at a young age as it did for many
who grew up surrounded by the unique and stylish urban sub-culture
of South Los Angeles in the 1990s. Her first pair of Air Force Ones
began her love affair with sneakers.
King Kang multifaceted skills, translate into her work as she takes on
a diversity of projects making custom unique works of walking art.  
Instead of being in a gallery, it would be moving art that could be
enjoyed and accessed by everyone. From the beginning King has
strived to set KOS apart through the detail, intricacy and quality of
the work that goes into every pair of hand painted sneakers , As word
of her work spread she has created works for Celebrities, Music Artist’
s , Athletes and influencers.
King Kang  has customized sneakers with everything from portraits to
corporate logos, Team sports products and has been featured on
Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, KIIS FM Morning
with Ryan Seacrest , Gatorade, Klipsch Audio, Coachella Festival,
Beats By Dre, Nike, Adidas, K Swiss ,Boo Hoo, Ovation Tv And Espn.
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Very nice indeed. quality leather. He should have it for a while
Purse is exactly as described.
I know it didnt cost much. But the purse is super cheap and ugly!!!!
Fabric tore around zipper. Contacted seller twice and no response. Its a shame because I did love the purse. Just hate that it ripped so fast and the company couldnt respond to rectify the issue.
Very good
Very nice shirt.
I bought these socks for my husband. He stated that these socks are well-made and comfortable. He said that the sizing is just right. He wants me to buy more.
comfortable and warm
As described.
My husband loves these shirts. Nice material and well made. Great value.
Not what I expected. The fabric seems to be thin. Will see how it holds up. Kept because other similar products are even worse. This one at least have well padded strap.
This purse is definitely lightweight and very simple for everyday use.
I like the design of the bag...
Love these! Lightweight and great quality!
This shirt is everything I needed, just a little too long. Fits almost to the middle of my thighs.
Fits and looks great!
Soft and cozy
Good quality real leather. Plenty of space and room for everything.
Really like the fit and feel of these! They fit snug but not tight. They stay tucked in for the most part and don't get as stretched out and lose during wear as the fruit of the loom ones I had previously.
It felt risky buying this but turns out I was amazed with the results. Got here quicker then expected specially since I bought this around Christmas time. Loved it
Too small
Wonderful product .
They're bigger than others from the store.
Too skimpy. I did not get that impression from the pictures. It also took too long for them to be shipped with no explanation. I definitely will not order these again.
Like everything about this purse! Great color sleek look, beautiful finish! Cant wait to use it!
Good fit, works well. I really like these for even daily use
Far as a review my pair of sunglasses look amazing. I feel really nice when you put them on but they only lasted one day soon as they fell off my head they dropped and it's scratched lens I wish that they were scratch resistance on the lenses and makes your sunglasses look really cool without the scratches showing up but other than that I think it's a really good pair of sunglasses for a really good price I would definitely order another pair kind of wish they had an insurance policy on them so if that happens you can get another pair.
I was very happy to find this wallet. My husband has had the same one for at least 6 years and he loves it but it was getting old and worn. Everything was perfect minus the tin case being a little bent which was probably done by the carriers.
I was tired of carrying a bulky wallet around. This light-weight wallet has plenty of room for cash on one side and my license, plus a few payment cards on the other side. I've been using it for six weeks now. There's no sign of the material fraying, and the zippers work perfectly.
Excellent product