red introduces ProLum Glow in the Dark Colors
Prolum Glow in the dark paint spray the color and then glow in either a
Aqua glow or a green glow
- Depending on the color they have different charge time. On the
bottom of each bottle you can see the actual color they spray. They
are set up to work in an airbrush but you can also brush them
More color coming in Jan in addition to the colors we currently
have. And will have a video show them in action along with
sample pictures of people using our newest product.
Please shake bottle 2-3 mins till ball rattles to make sure pigment is
unsettled and insure an even spray or brush of color and pigment.
If Spray with an airbrush please make sure to adjust to it widest setting.
And must be a dual action airbrush.  Please clean and lube your airbrush
after every use. As pigment drys quickly leaving a film. Water maybe
added to increase flow of paint. A clear coat maybe added to keep colors
clean.They clean up with soap and water. ProLum colors can be mix with
each other but can not be mixed with other products like paint.
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
Example of @backfistcustoms using ProLum
Aqua Glow Color Sprays Aqua Glows Aqua.
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
custom orthotics shoes burlington
Example of @WeRDesigners using ProLum
Aqua Glow Color Sprays Aqua Glows Aqua.
ORDERS ship with in 4-5
business days after order is
Not including
weekends or holidays

TRACKING is sent to email on
file with Paypal once your order
ships. Yes we ship international
plastic frame is too flimsy otherwise a decent pair of shades. the case is nice but would rather have the glasses be sturdier.
Just thought it would be a tad bit larger. Outside pocket would have been great, though the quality and interior lining is wonderful.
It's a comfortable shirt that looks god one me and fits as expected. What else is there to say?
This Baggallini bag has a place for everything I carry with me daily! I have 4 colors of this bag and don't carry any other bag anymore!
This is my favorite purse of all time! It's perfect while traveling/sightseeing to carry a few things but not too bulky. It comes in many great colors and I highly recommend you buy it!
Great work jeans... look good too!
Love this headband is very good for heavy sweater like me
somewhat small but still cool thu
This is exactly what I was looking for in a crossbody bag. Its light, it looks expensive and surprisingly hold a lot. I have the all black and all brown bags. Its pairs perfect with almost any outfit for a great price.
These earrings are very light. Pretty colors ! I got them as a gift and my friend loved them ! She even texted me the next day raving about how bad-A they were so Im happy ! Contemplating getting some for myself.
I bought two pair of these socks years ago and they are not wearing out. My flat, oddly shaped feet quickly wear holes in toes, heels and metatarsal areas of socks within a few weeks but not these and they're at least ten years old. They're medium thickness, very comfortable and stay put.
Showed up really scratched and these appear to be decent quality fakes according to the person AT the Ray-Ban store.
This is a super sweet necklace. Bought it as a gift for my daughter in law with the initial of her first child. She said "It's so sweet and so special" and she put it on right away. The quality seems good.
we really liked the fit and the style... but the color I thought I bought was very summery (aquas, corals, pinks)... we received strong purple base for the selection and purple is NOT one of my granddaughter's favorites.
Husband new favorite
As far as the quality it's what I expected, but I specifically picked what I did because of the colors I wanted...and that's not what I got. Instead of blues and bright green I received two dull green camo and a tan. The only thing that matched the description was the black and grey. Pretty disappointed.
Seems to be well made. Time will tell about the durability.
I am very pleased with the clarity of these glasses. They fit perfectly over my glasses and they are comfortable.
I have trouble finding tube socks for work that are durable. These are amazing, I still fold them half way down my ankle because my calf's are to big, but that is on my part not the socks, absolutely great socks!
Nice quality choker chain-especially for the price.
Perfect fit and comfortable
Comfortable fit. Surprisingly sheer, thin even, but washes nicely.
Great glasses and great service. Arrived on time and very well packed. Unfortunately they were not the glasses I wanted - my fault entirely!

Sent them back and got my refund back nice and promptly.

No problems at all (other than my inability to choose the right item!)
Great product, simple to fit you, easy to take off, classic buckle.
Fit snug but dont feel tight, good breathability ,fast shipping , good price
Light and useful .
Somewhat large,I'm a 9 1/2 shoe and there alittle big but they are a comfortable sock
The good to go fishing if you are newbie. They don't seems to be to soft the have a good quality like the best one that you can get in the streeth. Package wasn't a safe but the sunglasses came without a scratch.
Got them for the husband, who has a size 13 foot but only had socks size 9-12 bc that's what they sell in stores. After listening to years of complaints I gave him two sets of 6 for Christmas and he is in rapture over them. I am now just setting up a reminder to buy a bag of these every 4 months.