Great product
Absolutely love these sunglasses. My husband and I now have three pairs. They are great quality and you can't beat the price. Love the polarized lenses.
Best bilfold ihave ever had
Very happy
Really nice fit love the color cant wait to buy another one
Love it, good quality would recommend to friends
This is a little less rigid than I was expecting, but adjusts easily and stays put. I wouldn't put it under extreme load but for everyday wear I think it will hold up.
Really cute. Fit my 22 month old well.
Great fit. Very light and great for hot days. Nice stitching and quality.
Been through a lot of slim minimalist wallets through my lifetime and this is one of the best in my opinion if you're mostly a card user (as opposed to cash, and other wallet accessories)

Love the mechanical slide up and fan out option as other wallets have you dig two fingers in and pinch out the card. I do find wallets with individual card slots more convenient and quicker to access, but the pull up tab for this wallet is very satisfying to use.

It's very lightweight, thin profile, durable, and hold a lot of cards well without the fear of them sliding out (more on this later). I like how everything is organized into 3 separate compartments and the cards able to do a the fanning feature for easy view and fast access without having to worry about card slots (aside from the main use card slot)

Like other slim wallets, it's not a fan of dollar bills; especially this wallet as you have to fold up your bills twice or into thirds (instead of just in half like other slim wallets) and you're able to fit 4-8 bills in there comfortably depending on how may cards you stack up in the wallet already. For convenience I'd only carry around 2-3 bills of different amounts since if you purchase low price items (example a pack of gum with $20) you may get up to 9 bills in return and you may run into a bit of a problem on your hands. Also coins and other small miscellaneous items are hard to manage with this wallet, they are able to slip into the small pocket easily, but getting them out can be a bit of a chore.

No viewable ID card slot, so not so may not cater to those who bar hop frequently on weekends.

This wallet is designed so that standard credit cards, gift cards, driver license, etc fits perfectly. So if you have a card accessory** that mimics a card size and is a millimeter or two+ larger in height (or at it's shortest length) then it will not fit. You can try, but it will weaken or rip the fabric.

**Accessories may include: a card comb, a fold up card knife, RFID sleeve for card, photo slip cover, card bottle opener, wrench card tool, laminated sleeve, etc

Also before using, I'd try to get a good idea how many cards you frequent in there as you don't want to stretch the material out and you plan to use less cards in the future (just in case the wallet get accustomed to a certain amount and becomes loose overtime)

Overall very good slim wallet if you're a frequent card user and use cash on rare occasions. 3.5/5
Very good
Very beautiful with a lovely natural texture
Going to buy another color. Good price
There is defiantly a big difference between these and the dri-fits that I purchased at Dick's sporting goods. These are thicker, not as soft, and a little itchy. After washing a few times they seem a little better. I get the impression of an off-brand sock for some reason. Nike logos and lettering looks official and for that I gave an extra star.
Comfy, great material, fit exactly as I needed it to. So glad I bought 2.
boy are these hard to put on, for me it took a second person to help. once on, they are nice and comfortable.
Awesome belt simple to attach and disengage. Wife cant take it off with her teeth though like my other one :(
The fit is just bad. No stretch. Also its not quick drying like it says.
The glasses are fine..yet too big..I am exchanging them for new size..but this type isnotavailable in size down though similiar wayfarer is..The price is competitive and delivery prompt
These boxers have a standing sewn seam that cuts into your groin like a hacksaw blade. Fabric softener and multi washings did not help this problem. What a lousy design for expensive underwear. Tommy should improve the product and not the fancy packaging.
This bag is adorable, classy and perfect for wherever you want to carry it! Would definitely purchase again & I definitely recommend!
it arrived broken
I am a size 11 and these are a bit tight for my feet
Works well
My husband loves them under his chef shirts, not too thick and feels nice all day
These are soft, and comfortable. They do what they need to. The price makes this purchase the right one for me.
waist a little tight, lenth of leg, a little long
Comfortable, reasonably good quality t-shirts. Not especially thick, but not thin, either. For the price you can't go wrong.