The patent Leather Video also help with prep on Lebrons or plastic like
materials use the SEM Adhesion Promoter
Custom Nike Airmax 1 Blinks - Video showing timeframe and products need to
create a custom using NIkeid
HOW TO PAINT RED OCTOBERS / Solar red Video - This process does require
an airbrush machine to get the best look and finish
Jordan Six Supreme Custom Time Elaspe
Kickstradomis Galaxy Tutorial
This time elapse video at 400x speed shows
prepping Angelus for an airbrush - Filter 2thin   
AlsoTapping off using 2inch tape & xacto knife
This Time elapse video at 300x speed along with audio shows
Jacquard Airbrush Paint - KOS Prolum Colors - Overspray Collection
Galaxy Stencil.
How to quickly tape up using masking tape
Good Quality.
These socks are way too right on my calves, but just so anyone thinking of buying these knows I am 5'11" and about 175-180 lbs ,wich is just slightly taller and thinner than average with size 13 shoe size so that should put me at the bottom of the advertised size range for these socks.
Blue tape stuck to the box, but glad box wasnt broken like other reviewers said. Beautiful product.
Very happy!
Fits my boyfriend perfectly he loves these pants and wants more!
This bag has lots of pockets and I like that. It is sturdy and the crossbody strap is long enough to hit the right spot on your hip. I get lots of compliments on this bag. I use it for carrying books and notebooks so this is a great looking bag and it has plenty of room for that. Glad I chose this one.
Fell apart after used once, worthless
Great gift for bridesmaids!
I ordered these bracelets the other day and they came super quick and were exactly what I wanted and they look exactly like the picture!
Love the material !
I have a daughter that is in 3T clothes for the most part but her waist and legs are so small she still does better with 2T pants and shorts. These fit perfectly. I was looking for something for her to wear under her summer dresses that she so adores. She loves to wear them to the playground but, obviously flashes everyone there so this is the perfect solution. They are thin enough and small enough that they conform to her legs very well and it's almost like an extension of undies. I could also see wearing these with longer tops as they look fine and they're long enough to be decent little shorts. Overall this is exactly what I was looking for and a great solution.
Waterproof but breathable and lightweight. Already became a favorite the moment i put it on, such good quality that i bought another for mom. Havent put it on a field-test yet, but i always wanted to replace my bulky, stuffy Acrylic pants especially with summer on the way. Only real gripe i have is that there are NO Pockets! Since i wear a multi-pocket vest and go about with a backpack, its not so much an issue for me, others may find it disappointing though. As for the jacket, its pretty good, although I dont have much use for it now since rainy season isnt here yet. Other than the pockets issue, its well-made and a great addition to your wardrobe.
I need a card case to hold a couple of cards. This card case is compact but has slots for 7 or more cards. Its perfect for my need.
Loving my tote bag. It's very convenient to have for different purposes.
After a while the Lenes created a fog between the frame you can see them and it appeared cheap.
Great bag! I've been searching high and low for over a year for a bag to replace my well loved but worn out REI bag that I've had for over 6 years. This is bag is nearly perfect with lots of pockets, the one thing that would make it perfect in my eyes would be an divider on the inside of the bag.
I own several different styles of Carhartt pants and they all have one thing in common, they need to be sized up one size from what you normally wear in other brands. At least they are consistently off.

One item that is inconsistent is the cell phone pocket size. I purchased five Carhartt Men's Relaxed-Fit Washed Twill Dungaree Pants and of the five, only three of the cell phone pockets will accommodate my Motorola phone outfitted with an Otter Box cover. The other two pair of pants would not fit the phone for fear of ripping the seams.

These are great looking pants, comfortable and seem to wear well. Had the cell phone pockets all fit my phone, I would have rated these five stars.
Well made
I thought they had pockets - they don't. Still comfy though.
I had the opportunities to wear them this past week while driving at night on the PA Turnpike, and my eyes never felt so comfortable at the end of 4 hours of driving! Well worth the price!
These earrings worked for Saint Patrick's Day as well! Center tier perfectly matched the PrinStory Womens Short Sleeve Off Shoulder Round Neck Casual Loose Top Blouse T-Shirt Grass Green.
We love these pyjamas! My 6 year old is still wearing them every day, all winter. Carters fleece pyjamas are the best
The glasses are gray and not pink ! Also they came dirty with something sticky !
Like the fit and color, but this shirt developed a hole at the seam near the collar buttons after maybe 2 wears. Of course its now been more than 14 days so no way to return to Amazon.
Idk what to put as too big or too small...too long isnt an option. These things almost reach mid rib area when they're pulled up normally...if you put the waistband on your WAIST where they should be, you've got room for your own junk and 4 others...wth. great colors tho.
Wish I had bought 3 or 4 of these at the time!
Enjoy the joggers! But ordered an X-Large and we received a Medium. :(
My daughter loves overSized Hoodies. This meets the dress code at school, it's warm and it fits so it's perfect.
Great product......